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Aurora Corporate Center

Aurora Corporate Center, Aurora Illinois

mixed use, 40 acre business campus

Currently fully leased, the Aurora Corporate Center is home to a myriad of small and large companies in a campus style development where businesses thrive and network while having the opportunity to own their own business space.

2600 Beverly Drive

2600 Beverly Drive, Aurora, IL. 52,000 square foot industrial flex space.

1585 Beverly Drive

1585 Beverly Drive, Phase I and II, Aurora, IL. 99,000 square floor industrial condo building.

2570 Beverly Drive

2570 Beverly Drive, Aurora, IL. 58,000 square foot multi-tenant building.

2601 Beverly Drive

2601 Beverly Drive, Aurora, IL. 40,000 square foot multi-tenant building.

2619 Beverly Drive

2619 Beverly Drive, Aurora, IL. Home to Fox Valley Farms, this custom, purpose -built project was built in two phases totaling 50,000 square feet to accommodate specialty freezer and distribution requirements for frozen dairy products.

1598 Beverly Drive

1598 Beverly Drive, Aurora, IL. 40,000 square foot purpose-built office and maintenance facility for Northern Illinois Gas.

2605 Beverly Drive

2605 Beverly Drive, Aurora, IL. Sunbelt Rentals build-to-suit corporate retail satellite site with maintenance facility and storage yard.