Burgess Commercial Real Estate

Iron Gate Motor Condo Projects

Iron Gate Motor Condos, Naperville Illinois

2216 – 2260 Ferry Road

Designed with the passionate car collector in mind, we developed the pre-eminent car condo facility in the nation. Iron Gate Motor Condos is a 45-acre development in Naperville, Illinois with over 185 car condos, a retail plaza, and the iconic 5 O’clock Tower. Burgess fostered a culture of community at Iron Gate Motor Condos, making it more than a place to store or service a vehicle. The resulting close-knit community and successful retail plaza sustains and enhances the owner’s property values.

2228 Ferry Road Unit 101-102

Gate house build out

2252 Ferry Road

5 O’Clock Tower at Iron Gate Motor Condos

2104 Ferry Road

Chicago Motor Cars Naperville

2104-2112 Ferry Road

Iron Gate Motor Plaza